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Shamanic online course for beginners

In this basic course with 4 lessons you can learn shamanic journeying to the lower world and the upper world, find your spirit animal and your spirit teacher. You will also learn about spirit animal dance and trance dance as well as spirit songs. In the handout there is also an appendix with further informations. I assist you personally via e-mail (if you live in Europe or UK, chatting via facebook is also possible).

What is the benefit of shamanic journeying?

For spiritual self-awareness and growth
To find answers on important questions of life and to make decisions
for more inner strength, self-esteem and clarity, also in difficult situations
to strengthen the trust in oneself and one‘s abilities
To find out about one‘s needs and wishes
To find out what one is destined to or wants to achieve in life
To feel connected to „the big picture“

Included in this course are a detailed handout (pdf) and five audio files (mp3) which you receive via e-mail.

Advantages of this course

You can learn the shamanic journey in your own rooms and do not need to drive or go to another place.

You can find out if shamanic journeying resonates with you and learn at your own pace.

You can re-read everything what we have discussed and look at the detailed handout (PDF)

Included in this course are 5 audio files. There are four with guided journeys that help you to get started. When you are more experienced you can also listen to the drum and rattle file without text, a drumming music of your choice. Or drum yourself, if you like.

You save quite a bit, because you don’t have to participate in a whole weekend workshop or extensive course.

This course is based on methods of Core-Shamanism which I learned at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Europe. The course is divided into four lessons. I recommend that you take at least one week and up to circa one month of time for each of the lessons. If you need a bit longer, no problem. Try to do every exercise two or three times a week, or more if you wish. The exercises last about half an hour yet you can also extend them a bit.

Please note: This course is for your self-awareness and entertainment. You have to be 18 or older. I do not give any promises of healing effects. This course cannot replace a thorough shamanic education, shamanic healing sessions, a therapy or an appointment with a academic doctor.
If you have a severe mental or neurologic illness (like clinical depression, epilepsy or schizophrenia) this course is NOT suited for you.

Please tell me your e-mail adress when you purchase this course.

Gift voucher:
If you like, you can also buy a gift voucher for this course and give it to someone as a present.
If you are interested in this, please note the limitations mentioned above because this course isn’t suitable for everybody (regarding health and age).

Cost: 30 €/ 33 USD/ 25 GBP/ 43 AUD/ 44 CAD

If you are interested in the course, you can purchase it directly here, on Open Learning or on Etsy.

Here is more information about shamanism and my experience with it (as a PDF):

You can also read more about me and shamanism on Facebook:

New: book release
I offer the contents of this course even  more low-priced as soft cover book and e-book (includig a link to the downloadable audiofiles). This workbook is suitable for people with previous knowledge or those who are confident to be able to learn shamanic journeying on their own. Apart from that, the restrictions of the online course regarding health and age apply for this workbook as well. I am available for questions and feedback via E-Mail.


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